Delivery Restaurants talk life during a Super Bowl


CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA)– If there ever was a day to be this cold, it’s the day of the super bowl. A lot of people are bundled up inside. But not everyone.

Super Bowl Sunday is arguably the busiest day of the year for delivery drivers. This year was no exception. Delivery drivers said they were extremely busy today, and if you were waiting longer on your order than normal, it’s because everyone and their mother was doing the same.

Jet’s Pizza on Neil St. in Champaign told WCIA they planned for this weeks in advance. They said this year was especially busy with fewer people gathering because of COVID-19, meaning they responded to more individual orders.

The General Manager of Jet’s, Josh Medin said this Sunday is always as incredible and amazing as it is intense and exhausting.

“The Delivery Business is booming,” Medin said. “That means that we have to be ready.”

Medin is asking anyone who orders food to choose Non-Contact delivery options if possible. As most drivers already are out and interacting with multiple people, he said the best thing to do is to give drivers a marked location to safely drop food by.

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