Mansfield, Ill. (WCIA) —

Amazon delivery drivers visit a lot of homes, but one driver is concerned after finding something offensive while dropping off a package in Piatt County.

Jordan Lee found a stone with a racial slur on it and he has a message for the people who own it.

“I don’t want to hurry up and run to get off their property for one, but I do want to, but I don’t want to run and look suspicious,” Lee said.

Those are thoughts that ran through Jordan Lee’s head when he delivered an Amazon package to a Mansfield home and found this stone with a racial slur.

“No matter what, they should be culturally sensitive enough to know that if they are raccoon hunting, put raccoon,” Lee said.

He says he was scared for his wife and son, who were making deliveries with him and in the car. He was even more on edge because the car is not marked as an Amazon vehicle.

“My stomach immediately dropped. It was like a feeling of disgust for one. Wondering if that was what I was actually reading, and also the same time fearful,” Lee said.

He wants the public to know that even if the homeowners did not mean it in that way. People need to understand how offensive their words can be.

“You should know not to have that on your property. I mean its your freedom of speech, but if you want people of all different backgrounds to feel comfortable delivering to you and not feel fearful, you should remove that,” Lee said.

Village of Mansfield board members are not taking this lightly.

“We need to figure out who it is so that we can go speak to the homeowner and figure out what’s going on, because by all means Mansfield does not condone anything racially or anything of that nature,” Board member Lucas Gilbert said.

They say when they get the address of the homeowner, they plan to speak to them.

“It’s not okay and ask them to remove the rock from their yard,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert says he already spoken to the sheriff about it and it’s a sticky situation.

“There’s really not a whole lot legally we can do with it being on private property and free speech,” Gilbert said.

Lee told his Amazon branch manager. The manager sent a report on to a higher up position at Amazon. Lee is waiting to hear back if the household will be banned for future deliveries.

If you are a delivery driver here are some safety tips:
Be aware of your surroundings. You can have a camera on your car or clothes. Have 9-1-1 easily accessible on your phone.