DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) –Decatur is taking another step toward revitalizing the city. The Economic and Development team is using one million dollars worth of ARPA money to cover the cost of the improvements. More than 500 people applied, but not everyone will get the upgrades.

The rehab program requires homeowners to live in the house they’re requesting the money for. And stay in that house for three years afterward. This is all a part of Decatur’s plan to renew the look of the city and help people save money. Especially low-income households and people with disabilities.

“With power bills being so high, it’s important that your house is insulated properly. So, we hope that we can lower power bills as well as again kind of maybe motivating folks to do things, you know, with their houses if they are available in access and can access the funds,” said Economics and Development Assistant Director Richelle Dunbar.

The first grant recipient is Carl Leming. He’ll get 50 thousand dollars toward his roof, plumbing, doors, and windows.

They hope to repair close to 200 homes. If you applied and haven’t heard back, don’t worry just yet. They say they still have plenty of names to draw.