Decatur plans to demolish 100 buildings


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The city of Decatur is planning on demolishing at least 100 buildings this year.
One of those is the ACME building on Martin Luther King Junior Drive. It started to collapse back in October. Since then the building has been considered unsafe. One of the biggest concerns is the street next to it and the railroad on the other side.

Director of Decatur Economic and Community development Cordaryl Patrick said, “We don’t want to see a situation where other parts of the building start to collapse on the street or on personal cars whatever it may be so we’re going to continue to work with the owner and get the building down as soon as possible.”

The owners of the building are planning to demolish it, but last night’s decision lets the city take it down if the owners back out. Right now the company in Decatur that is supposed to knock the building down is backed up at the moment. The reason other buildings are being torn down is mostly houses that are not fit to live in. The reason they want to take them down is not only for safety but to improve the face of the area.

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