DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Decatur Police are investigating a string of scam phone calls in the area that are using their name and likeness.

Department officials said in a release that the person making these calls is claiming to be a Decatur Police officer. The caller then tells the call recipient that they missed court and the recipient must pay a fine or post bail to avoid jail time.

Officials added that the calls are coming from the number 217-952-4783. A call to that number will, after several rings, give a voicemail message claiming that callers have reached the “confidential voicemail” of the Decatur Police Department.

These calls are scams, officials said. The Decatur Police Department does not call people to demand fines or request bail. If one does miss court or have a warrant for their arrest, officers will come for them.

Anyone with information about these calls is encouraged to call Decatur Police at their real number – 217-424-2711 – or Macon County Crime Stoppers at 217-423-8477.