Police join w/local shop to promote gun safety


DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)The Decatur Police Department teamed up with Decatur Pawn and Jewelry to give out free gun locks. Shop owner Perry Lewin came up with the idea.

“It came to me a few months ago after hearing the story of a boy in Decatur that was shot by his younger brother and lost his life,” Lewin said. “There was an unsecure firearm loaded in the house, and the boy didn’t know the danger of it.”

They were handing out two different kinds of locks; one a cable and the other a trigger lock.

Police said protecting children is not the only reason to get gun locks. It also protects your gun from robbers.

“The people who don’t lock their guns up, or they keep them unsecure (sic) in their vehicle or in their home, when someone breaks into that car or that home, they steal their gun. And then what happens is we have a law-abiding citizen who has a registered firearm, but that criminal is going to use that for illegal activity.”

Leonard Walter has owned firearms his whole life. But it wasn’t until recently he decided to step up his security and get gun locks.

“With what goes on in the world today,” Walter said, “it needs to be done. And I have grandkids now that still can’t get to the gun cabinet but just in case.”

Those who missed getting a free lock can purchase one at any gun dealership for about $10.

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