DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Decatur Police Department announced on Monday the names of four members of law enforcement who were involved in a shooting last week in Decatur. That shooting left two of them hurt and a suspect dead.

Three of the law enforcement personnel were officers of the Decatur Police Department while the fourth was a Macon County Sheriff’s deputy. Decatur Police Chief Shane Brandel, with permission from Sheriff Jim Root, identified the officers and deputy as:

  • Sergeant Timothy Wittmer, a 15-year veteran of the Decatur Police Department
  • Officer Austin Bowman, a 2-year veteran of the Decatur Police Department
  • Officer Ryan Ricker, a 2-year veteran of the Decatur Police Department
  • Deputy Travis Wolfe, a 10-year veteran of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office

The four pulled over a car the morning of Oct. 12 that was driven by a man later identified as Jamontey Neal. Brandel said the officers were aware of information about Neal’s car and ordered him to show his hands; he refused to comply. When the officers tried to remove Neal from the car, Brandel said Neal pulled out a gun and opened fire.

Photo courtesy of Decatur Police Chief Shane Brandel

In the short, one-minute exchange of gunfire, Wittmer and Neal were shot multiple times while Bowman was shot once. Neal was later pronounced dead at the hospital while Wittmer and Bowman were treated and released. Brandel said the officers are recovering from their injuries.

Brandel also released a photo of Wittmer’s blood-stained uniform.

“Although it may be difficult to look at, it should serve as a reminder to this community, our state, and our country of the level of dedication police officers have, and their willingness to sacrifice their very lives to keep our communities safe,” Brandel said.

The shooting remains under investigation by the Illinois State Police.