DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Two people who were planning to run for Mayor of Decatur have been disqualified.

The Illinois State Board of Elections decided on Monday that candidates Abeer Motan and Mary Williams are not qualified to run after determining they failed to acquire at least 85 signatures on their petitions. As a result, incumbent Mayor Julie Moore-Wolfe will be running unopposed in April 2023.

Williams said she understands the decision to remove her from the ballot. However, she is determined to run again.

“I had a few signatures where there were a few technicalities. Thye wanted a registered voter; I had no idea. Honestly, I did not know,” Willaims said. “But I’m definitely going to be running again in four years. I’m going to keep running until I get it.”

The next mayoral election will be in 2027.