DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — ADM Cares and Decatur Block by Block gave homes in the Johns Hill Neighborhood a facelift.

The two organizations partnered together as part of a neighborhood revitalization project.

“We want to make sure that this community is and continues to be a great place to live and work,” director of ADM Cares Jennifer Ballinger said.

As part of their work, the groups made repairs to homes and improved landscaping. 

“What we’re focused on is we’ve got a lot of inner city neighborhoods, and many of the homes could be saved if there’s some attention paid to taking care of the repairs that need to be made, or if you’re refreshing the landscaping there needs to be revitalization for that,” said Ellen Hearn, the executive director of Decatur Block by Block.

The non-profit focuses on bettering a home’s curb appeal, lending a hand to senior, veteran, disabled, or low income homeowners.

“You can sense that they do have a great deal of interest in maintaining their properties, but oftentimes they lack the ability because of a disability,” Hearn said.

Ballinger said the community welcomed the project and expressed the importance of revitalizing the neighborhood.

“There’s lots of different reasons why people need a little extra help,” Ballinger said. “If we can help lend a hand and help their property improve and look a little bit better. That’s a win-win for us.”

ADM, which supports educational programs, hunger relief and sustainable farming, had more than 20 volunteers involved in today’s project. Ballinger said the event benefits community members and ADM Cares.

“Events like this, they’re great for the community and lots of people benefit, but they’re great for ADM too,” Ballinger said. “It really gives us a chance as a group to come out together to get together outside of the office and really help make an impact locally.”