DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — Two weeks after an explosion at ADM’s East Plant, Decatur firefighters had another industrial explosion and fire to respond to.

The explosion happened Monday afternoon at Primient Distribution at Eldorado and 22nd Streets. Decatur Fire officials said firefighters were dispatched around 4:22 p.m. and upon arriving, they were directed to a grain processing area. Staff said a small explosion occurred in that area and firefighters found a few small fires on the roof and at the main level.

Officials said the first crews to arrive deployed a hose and were able to quickly extinguish the fires on the main level. Other crews were positioned on the nearby William B. Sands viaduct to extinguish the flames on the roof.

No one was hurt and all crews were back in service within an hour.

Decatur Fire Chief Jeff Abbott said these types of fires, compared to house fires, take a different plan of attack when fighting them, which requires more planning and strategy.

“Whereas at a house fire, you pull up, we fight hundreds of those a year. We know what we’re doing. They’re pretty much the game plan is the same,” Abbott said. “At an industrial facility, you don’t want to just pull up, jump off the truck and run in the building. They’re a little more time consuming and you have to have a pretty good game plan and knowledge of what you’re going to do before you start doing it in an industrial facility.

Abbott added that the department is currently working with ADM to create a better plan in case there is another incident in the future.