DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — In the last few weeks, firefighters have become quite familiar with ADM in Decatur. On Wednesday, they were there again.

It’s the third incident in two weeks for the plant and the fourth this year. Workers noticed smoke in the East plant on Wednesday — the same area where an explosion happened Sunday.

ADM said the smoke was spotted during a walkthrough. The area was evacuated, and the fire department was called. An all-clear was eventually given.

The department has been called there three other times there since the beginning of the year:

Four workers are still in the hospital following Sunday’s explosion. Decatur Fire Chief Jeff Abbott was at ADM for those calls,, but said that despite the recent uptick, he actually saw more incidents at ADM when he first became a first responder nearly 30 years ago.

“You got to know when you’re building a house or living out by those facilities what’s going on out there,” Abbott said. “So, I wouldn’t live in unnecessary fear because of it.”

ADM issued a statement on Tuesday, saying:

We expect to restart the majority of protein production at the facility in the coming weeks. We will also leverage our vast transportation and origination network to meet customer needs until we can resume full operations at the plant.”

ADM Spokesperson

Abbott said ADM officials reached out about finding ways to minimize the incidents they keep having and solutions to get better.