DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — On Tuesday night, the Decatur City Council approved the demolition of several vacated buildings in Decatur.

There are 21 buildings that will be demolished.

“These demolitions aid in Neighborhood Revitalization one of the Council’s top priorities,” the Council said.

Additionally, the council issued action for another 19 abandoned structures in Decatur.

36 buildings were demolished last year, while the city has demolished 31 buildings so far this year.

“The demolition process is a lengthy and challenging one,” The Council added. “First, buildings need to be identified and deemed ‘Unfit for Human Habitation’ by qualified City staff. Next, City staff seeks court orders that allow for possible demolition. Following the legal process, it`s required there be an asbestos survey & possible abatement, utility disconnections, and some other final preparations. Another challenge the City has realized is that there is a limited number of contractors available to bid on these projects.”

The city said there are 183 structures that need to be demolished in Decatur.

In other Decatur city news:

  • The city is moving forward with Brush College Road Project
  • The city approved contract with Entler Excavating Company Inc. to demolish buildings
  • The City Council approved relaxed rules for consuming alcohol in the Transfer House in Central Park for permitted events