DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Decatur City Council is working on strategies for water utility improvements.

On Monday, they met for a study session focusing on drinking water, drought resilience and water for industrial use. Council members said that recent industrial expansion in the northeast side of the city has increased a need for water supply. No action was taken, but they agreed to consider gaining access to nearby water sources.

Decatur City Manager Scot Wrighton said they have enough water as is, but they want to plan for the future.

“It had to do with long-range planning. Making sure we have enough for our existing customers and our existing residents, and enough to get through a drought in the event there might be a recurrence of that in the future,” Wrighton said. “But above and beyond that, how do we plan for additional supplies so we can attract businesses to Decatur.”

Over the summer, the city spent a little more than $14 million to upgrade its water clarifiers.