DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Decatur City Council approved a special permit for a towing company to operate an automobile salvage yard, but with some rules they need to follow.

At their regular meeting, council members discussed granting a conditional use permit to petitioner, Shaner’s Towing & Tire’s, Inc, located at 3696 Greenswitch Road in Decatur. In City documents, officials said the petition allows Shaner’s “to shore and salvage automobiles and automotive parts.” They continued to say, “The petitioner’s business of towing inoperable vehicles has increased triggering the need to expand the business on site for automobile salvage operations.

There are a few conditions Shaner’s will need to follow. Those include:

  • Constructing a 9-foot site break fence to go along with the existing 6-foot fence around the perimeter.
  • Not allowing any stored and/or salvaged vehicles/parts to be seen from adjoining properties or the road. They must also not be stacked any higher than nine feet.
  • The vehicle crusher must not be used between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.
  • No operations on the site, including the vehicle crusher, will be able to create a sound level exceeding 80 dBA.
  • Shaner’s must provide an annual report to the City before December 31 of each year recording that they are complying with all conditions in their permit. The City will also do an annual site inspection.

Officials said these condition “will not only provide an aesthetic and physical barrier of the proposed salvage yard use on the site, but it will also improve the site as currently developed and used.”

The permit was approved 4-3.