Dealers not sold on Sunday sales


ILLINOIS — Would you like to shop for a car on Sunday? One lawmaker wants to make it mandatory for dealerships to be open on their usual day off.

Some dealers say it would be difficult to do. They want people to be able to look at cars on Sunday without sales employees hassling them. They also say it would be difficult to have a full staff on the day they’re normally closed.

However, the bill’s sponsor, Senator Jim Oberweis (R) says it could provide significant benefits for shoppers. He says many people do not have time to shop for a car during the week and an extra day could provide a larger customer base.

Dealerships say they already have extended hours and people can shop online. Oberweis has been trying to get this passed for a few years.

Dealers have constantly battled this one because they have thousands of signatures on a petition against the idea.

The bill would also let dealers sell on Sundays if they have a different religious day of worship. It means they can be open Sunday and closed a different day of the week. Similar legislation passed in Wisconsin.

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