NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (WCIA)– Volunteers in Illinois are preparing to help those effected by tornadoes that tore through Tennessee Tuesday morning. Officials say these are the deadliest tornadoes that have hit the nation in about seven years. State officials initially reported 25 dead and have since changed that to 24. One of those deaths was not storm related. The majority of the deaths happened in Putnam County. More than 140 buildings were destroyed.

Lutheran Church Charities, LCC Disaster Response Ministry, and LCC L.E.R.T. (Lutheran Early Response Team) are prepared to help with recovery efforts. There are volunteers from Illinois and some are out of state. They will start by doing assessments of the area and chainsaw work to remove large debris. They have at least 40 volunteers signed up. Their volunteers will be in areas without power.

American Red Cross of Central Illinois doesn’t have volunteers from the area who have been deployed. However, there are representatives with their organization helping with things like shelter and cleanup. You can donate to help Lutheran Church Charities.