Deadline for city legalization policies approaching


URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — January is when marijuana will be legal in Illinois but September is also important.

It’s the deadline for communities to say whether they’ll allow shops in their cities. Urbana is on the edge of deciding.

At this moment, it’s looking like it will become legal to sell in the new year. Urbana mayor Diane Marlin is going to propose an ordinance that allows sales with a 3% tax at Monday’s city council meeting.

3% is the state maximum for a recreational marijuana tax, and they could be one of the first in the state to approve it. At this past Monday’s meeting, there were people there giving their input on allowing pot sales. Some expressed concerns. But council members are interested in the potential revenue. Mayor Marlin says the city depending on money coming through this avenue.

“We’ve made a lot of cuts in the last couple of years. We’ve reorganized, restructured, and we’re at the point where if we have to continue making budget reductions it will start affecting services to the public. And i really want to avoid that.”

Marlin added the money would go to urbana’s general fund. It’ll help eliminate the structural budget deficit facing the city. They think it could be anywhere from 150,000 dollars to 300,000 dollars every year.
Nu-Med of Urbana has already spoken with the city about acquiring a recreational license if the city passes the legislation Monday.

The ordinance also shows the 3% will match the current liquor tax within urbana. Once approved … the state legislature will have to tell the Department of Revenue to start collecting taxes.
It could be as soon as January 1st … But no later than September 2020.

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