Day of service planned


CENTRAL ILLINOIS — On Friday, we here at WCIA are proud to be part of a nationwide volunteering event. It’s called Founder’s day, celebrating the 20 year anniversary of our parent company, Nexstar. In honor of that, we’ll be taking time out of our day to try to make central Illinois a little bit better.

One of our crews will be replacing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors around Champaign. People who live in the Garden Hills neighborhood say they’re working on new ways to rehab the area. They want to make sure their community is safe. Updating equipment is just another way to do that, so they say they’re happy to work with us on this project.

“They need to be aware that there’s a fire or there’s high levels or unsafe levels of carbon monoxide in them homes,” said Michelle Causey, who is a neighborhood sector leader. “We have elderly, children, people in general need to know that.”

Another one of our crews will be spending time with the Champaign Park District by picking up trash around Dodd’s Park. They’ll also be cutting off the top of the cattails, since they’re an invasive plant. Park district leaders say they’re happy to have the extra manpower, because they count on volunteers to help keep their spaces nice and clean.

“Groups like this are very valuable to us,” said Randy Hauser, who is the horticulture and natural areas supervisor. “We can turn one staff hour into basically 20 staff hours.”

Another crew will be cleaning parks in Danville. We’re excited to spend some time volunteering with the community.

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