CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Morning show anchors Matthew White and Karina Rubio were surprised by the kindness of a stranger this morning while promoting the 2022 Day of Giving and WCIA-3’s Victory Over Violence campaign.

Matthew arrived a few seconds late to the live interview because he said a selfless man drove by and didn’t know what was going on. But he wanted to give back. Matthew explained what they were doing, and the man donated $10 to the cause.

“$10 might seem small, but any amount goes a long way, whether it’s a dollar or a nickel,” said Rubio. “Whatever you can give, we want to beat our goal again like we did last year.”

Over $60,000 was raised last year with only a goal of $30,000. The goal is the same this year.

“Of course, we hope that the donations make a difference,” said White.

Rubio then interviewed White because he’s been involved with some of these programs like First String.

“Peter McFarland is part of one of the biggest families in the community that I’ve gotten the chance to meet,” said White. “They help our youth with sporting activities. They just had a clinic on Nov. 13 with Kenny Battle, one of the former Flying Illini players and he helped give them a chance to see the kind of the guidance that they need for basketball, but also to be good citizens in the community.”

“We thank McFarland for all he’s doing for First String,” said White “We have midnight basketball, which is similar. They do basketball on Friday nights at the Salvation Army gymnasium on Prospect so again, we just thank all these organizations for what they do.”

MacFarlane’s wife Debra is part of Dream Girls, an organization that Rubio has gotten to know a lot about.

“They support young women in the community,” said Rubio. “There’s so many more that need your help too.”

WCIA-3 will be accepting donations in their backlot until 7 p.m. Tuesday, and online using the link below.