Davis plans tele-town hall, not in person


CENTRAL ILLINOIS — People have been calling in and asking us about Congressman Rodney Davis and whether he’ll do a town hall. And we hear you. He tells us he’s going to do another telephone town hall, but has no plans to do one in person. Voters in his district have held protests asking him to do so. They say they want to look him in the eyes and ask him questions. He says he does that in a more informal way when he’s in town. And that’s the way he’s been doing it since he got elected.

“I’ve never done large, grandstanding town hall events,” said Davis. “I talk with constituents on a regular basis every single time we’re back in the district. We’re going to continue to have productive conversations about making sure our healthcare system serves every single American.”

No word yet on the next time he’s doing a tele-town hall, but there’s a link on his website where you can sign up to get an alert about it. To sign up, click here

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