DANVILLE, Ill., (WCIA) — Habitat for Humanity’s Restore in Danville is now re-opened.

It had to close for two months after a fire in November.

But now, people are shopping for clothes, furniture and everything in between.

Taylor Enos, the store’s manager, said they had hundreds of customers within their first few hours. It didn’t stop there.

“We had a line clear out the door, people were parking down the street at the library just to come in,” Enos said. “At one point we even had to stop capacity. We were at our capacity so we even had to stop letting people come in for a few minutes.”

She said it really showed how much the community supports the organization.

They’ll have sales throughout the week. The money goes to help Habitat build houses for people in need. But, they will also use the money to replace the truck they lost in the fire.