DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Danville’s Habitat for Humanity is asking for the community’s help to re-open their doors. Three weeks ago, the Restore closed after a garage fire led to an explosion.

It caused damage to the roof, items throughout the store and the loss of the store’s truck. Now they need donations to get it back open.

They’re in need of at least $35,000 for full fire recovery. There was damage to the building, but the true setback is coming from the inventory.

The Re-Store is a main source of income for the organization. So, without the store running, Habitat for Humanity is seeing an even greater loss. If they reach their goal, the director says they can open in as soon as two weeks. If not, they may need to use money needed for other areas like building homes. The top priority is getting back to servicing the community that supports them.

“It is amazing to see the support that we have had in this community. We knew it was there but this time when we do have significant needs, it’s truly heartwarming to know there are many members of this community looking to reach out to us. Thank you for that support,” said Habitat for Humanity director Jonathan Gibson.

So far, the community has donated close to $5,000.

Donations can be made through their GoFundMe.