DANVILLE, Ill., (WCIA) — A woman in Danville is asking for your help to find her stolen bell.

It was stolen from a wooden post in her backyard Friday night. Wilma Heath said she woke up Saturday morning, walked to her backyard, and noticed it was gone. She thinks someone hopped over her fence to take it.

Her son Darrell Heath gave her the bell nearly 30 years ago. He said the cast-iron antique couldn’t have cost more than a hundred dollars but says the memories the bell brings make it priceless.

“Never had anything stolen out in this neighborhood in South Danville,” Heath said. “Always been a good neighborhood.”

Heath said he and his other siblings would always hear the bell around the neighborhood when it was time for dinner. Getting it back would make sure Wilma’s grandkids continue to hear it for years to come.

“It means a lot. It sits there and people look at it. And it’s just there and it’s always been there. It’s kind of odd to go out there now and it’s gone, you know.”

Heath said he’s not looking to press charges and is even willing to give an award to the person who returns his mother’s bell.