DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The VA Hospital in Danville is actively recruiting for nurses. But shortages and fatigue are making them hard to find.

Nurse recruiter Karli Plunkett said they aren’t in desperate need yet, but filling those open spots is their top priority.

“We’ve had people leave departments,” said nurse recruiter Karli Plunkett. “Like in-patient to take telehealth positions or positions where they work remotely.”

But since nurses are in high demand, Plunkett, a former nurse herself, said it’s making it even harder to compete.

“We are also looking at pay and how we compare within the community healthcare organizations, Plunkett said. “So we recently done some salary reviews to make sure that we are comparable.”

While she said these methods have worked, they’re hopeful new recruitment methods will help attract more caregivers.

“We have seen some increases to our LPN’s, RN’s, and nursing assistant pay scales,” Plunkett added. “Nurses get five weeks paid leave in addition to healthcare benefits, scholarship opportunities, employee debt reductions. There’s just a lot of benefits and a lot of opportunities.”

She said that aside from the perks, the job is the true benefit.

“I loved it and I loved everything about it,” Plunkett said. “When I think of what has been the most rewarding part of my career as a nurse, it would have been those five years.”

Plunkett said the VA is preparing for a job fair next month and she encourages anyone interested to reach out. If you are interested, call 217-554-3244 or e-mail nurserecruiterilliana@va.gov.