DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Danville City Council Public Works Committee is replacing the lighting system at Danville Stadium.

Public Works is installing new LED lights that can dim and they can follow fly balls after a hit. Parks and Public Property Manager Steve Lane said it’s a $295,000 project but will be eligible for a $21,000 refund from Ameren because they`re putting in LED lighting.  

“The current system, a lot of the wiring is brittle and the wires are exposed to the weather. And we want to get this taken care of before we have a blackout during a game,” Lane said.

Lane also said he’s happy the new lights will cut the wattage (105,600) in half (55,000) and be less expensive to operate.

The project will take two and a half months to install, and the old lights will be recycled.