DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Danville Police are warning the community about law enforcement impersonation scams after they said someone in the community reported they received a suspicious call in the department’s name.

Deputy Chief Terry McCord said the community member was contacted by the “Danville Police Department Warrant Division” and was threatened with legal action or arrest if they did not comply with the caller’s instructions. McCord added that the caller even used the name of a real Danville Police officer when making this threat. Attempting to call the number back takes the victim to a voicemail that is set up as the “Danville Police Department Warrant Division.”

McCord and Chief Christopher Yates said that any phone call like this is a scam. The Danville Police Department does not have a Warrant Division and does not conduct business in this way.

“There are some miserable individuals and groups who will take advantage of others who are vulnerable to scams,” Yates said. “Most are from outside the community, state and country. They will call you with a number of different stories or scenarios to try to sound legitimate and sway you to pay money.”

Yates added that anyone who receives a call like this should simply hang up without providing any personal information or confirming any partial information they may offer. If they continue to call, people can say they are contacting their local police.

Scammers impersonating law enforcement agencies and even using real employees’ names is not a new trend, with several area law enforcement agencies warning the public of such for several years. However, the Danville Police Department is the third law enforcement agency in the area to issue this warning in the last few weeks, after the Champaign and Christian County Sheriff’s Offices did in late December.

Anyone who has questions about whether a call is legitimate can contact their local police or law enforcement agency and ask for clarification. The non-emergency number for Danville Police is 217-431-2250.