DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Danville Police, in partnership with other law enforcement agencies, are warning the public about marijuana laced with fentanyl and fentanyl substitutes being illegally sold on the streets.

Police Chief Christopher Yates said there have been reports of marijuana users experiencing severe psychedelic side effects and typical fentanyl overdose symptoms of itching, nausea and serious respiratory depression. Fentanyl is an extremely dangerous and possibly deadly substance that can be absorbed through inhalation, injection or even through the skin.

People who suspect they have been contaminated and is feeling the aforementioned symptoms should seek medical attention.

People cannot see, smell or taste fentanyl if it is laced into marijuana. The amount could be so small that it is undetectable to senses, but it can still be deadly in the body.

Yates said the warning is not to debate the acceptance, dangers, pros and cons of marijuana, but to warn the community of the presence of fentanyl and its substitutes, which can harm or kill an unwitting user.

Anyone with information about is asked to contact Danville Police at 217-431-2250, the Vermilion County Metropolitan Enforcement Group (VMEG) at 217-443-1466 or Vermilion County Crime Stoppers at 217-446-2250.