DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The Danville Police Department announced on Tuesday that it is launching a “slow down” campaign for the month of September.

The campaign is meant to slow traffic in the City of Danville and make the streets safer to travel on day and night. Deputy Chief Terry McCord said the campaign is in response to complaints the Danville Police Department has received about speeding and aggressive driving at different locations in Danville.

One of the most frequent locations Danville Police receive complaints for is a residential area on North Vermilion Street between Voorhees Street and Winter Avenue. McCord said officers will be concentrating on that area to enforce the 35 miles per hour speed limit.

McCord added that while Danville Police understand other crime is happening in the city, speed enforcement is a proactive duty conducted due to complaints and because of funds provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation. McCord said the goal is not to issue tickets but to gain compliance for safe driving on Danville streets. Speed is a major factor in a majority of crashes within Danville, which cause millions of dollars worth of damage, numerous injuries and sometimes worse consequences.