DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A Danville nursing home is facing over $100,000 in fines after four care and safety violations, one of which resulted in a resident’s death.

The Illinois Department of Public Health recently released its quarterly report for nursing home violations, which detailed violations and fines the agency issued from April to June. Hundreds of violations across the state were found, including several in Central Illinois. Violations are classified, in decreasing severity, as Type AA, A. B and C.

Arcadia Care Danville was issued four fines for violations, totaling over $100,000. An IDPH inspection report dated March 21 detailed the reasoning for these fines and how the facility failed to uphold care for four residents.

Half of Arcadia’s fine came from one violation: a Type AA that resulted in a resident’s death. There were only three other Type AA violations found in the state, the overwhelming majority were either Type A or B.

The inspection found, from interview and record review, that Arcadia failed to address the physical needs of a resident by overlooking a provider-ordered blood workup. The resident, the report stated, had been experiencing weakness and “feelings of impeding death.”

“This failure resulted in [the resident] experiencing respiratory distress and being sent to the hospital,” the report said. “[The resident] was found to be hypoxic, expiring after cardiac arrest due to severe anemia, adult failure to thrive and anorexia.”

The resident’s death certificate listed the cause of death as “cardiac arrest due to severe anemia and failure to thrive,” the report added.

Arcadia was also found to have committed three other violations – Two Type A and one Type B. The Type A violations each resulted in $25,000 fines while a further $2,200 was added for the Type B violation.

One of the Type A violations was found as a result of a resident developing skin conditions that affected 50% of her body, the report said. The facility failed to develop a plan of care for the resident.

The other Type A violation was for failure to monitor another resident’s weight, follow a physician’s orders and promptly report a significant weight gain for another resident. The resident, the report said, had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, and the failures on the facility’s part resulted in a 10-day stay in the hospital.

The Type B violation was for failing to supervise, assist and document the meal intake for two residents. One of them lost 20 pounds in six months.

Arcadia Danville had the most severe violations and fines in Central Illinois, but it was not the only facility in the region to be fined. Other fines facilities include:

  • Accolade Healthcare Danville – 4 Type B violations
  • Arcadia Care Clifton – 1 Type A violation
  • Arcadia Care Jacksonville – 1 Type B violation
  • Carlinville Rehab & Healthcare Center- 2 Type A and 1 Type B violations
  • Charleston Rehab & Healthcare Center – 1 Type A and 1 Type B violation
  • Eastview Terrace (Sullivan) – 1 Type B violation
  • Fair Haven Senior Living (Decatur) – 1 Type A violation
  • Gardenview Manor (Danville) – 1 Type B violation
  • Gilman Healthcare Center – 1 Type A violation
  • Heritage Health Carlinville – 1 Type A violation
  • Illini Heritage Rehab & Healthcare (Champaign) – 1 Type B violation
  • Iroquois Resident Home (Watseka) – 1 Type B violation
  • Loft Rehab of Decatur – 2 Type B violations
  • Loft Rehab of Rock Springs (Decatur) – 1 Type B violation
  • Manor Court of Clinton – 2 Type A violations
  • Newman Rehab & Health Care Center – 1 Type A violation
  • Odd Fellow Rebekah Home (Mattoon) – 1 Type B violation
  • Palm Terrace of Mattoon – 1 Type A violation
  • Pleasant Meadows Senior Living (Chrisman) – 1 Type A violation
  • Sunny Acres Nursing Home (Petersburg) – 1 Type A violation
  • Sunrise Skilled Nursing & Rehab – 1 Type B violation
  • Taylorville Terrace – 1 Type A violation
  • Taylorville Skilled Nursing & Rehab – 1 Type B violation
  • Watseka Rehab & Health Care Center – 1 Type A violation