Danville native wins national award after developing program for military kids


NATIONAL (WCIA) — A Danville woman has been recently named as the 2021 Inspirational Leader of the Year by The Rosie Network, a non-profit organization that promotes the entrepreneurial efforts of the nation’s Veterans and Military Spouse.

Amy Schweizer said she received this national award after developing a program to help children of military families – the Tiny Troops Soccer toddler program.

According to Schweizer, Tiny Troops Soccer is a program for children that are in the age of two to five who live near military installations across 17 states and overseas. She said this program focuses on laying the foundation that children need to become well-rounded and coachable players when they get older.

“We love providing a physical activity that also benefits their mental and emotional health,” said Schweizer.

Behind the inspiration for this program is the love that Schweizer has for her family and a sport that she has played since high school.

“As a military spouse for 11 and a half years to an active-duty marine, it’s very hard to find employment, especially when we were stationed overseas,” Schweizer explained. “So, I really felt the desire to still work and be in the sport that I love and have played, which is soccer. Also, I had two boys at the time, now three. So it’s really important to get them outside, being active, moving and socializing with other kids. Thus, Tiny Troops Soccer was born.”

Along with this program, Schweizer also published a book called “I will be okay: An adventure of a military kid.”

When talking about the book, she stated, “It takes you through the emotions that a military kid feels, especially during times of stress, like the deployment of a parent. I love sharing this book within the military community and even outside of it just so everyone gets a peek that it’s not just fun and reunion videos, there’s a lot of hard things that our kiddos have to go through.”

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