Danville NAACP helping people get vaccinated


DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – Vermilion County has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the state, and their hospitalization rates keep going up. Some people with the NAACP have been helping with the fight against COVID for months now.

COVID-19 continues to spread across the country. Health officials say especially among the unvaccinated. That’s why a group in Danville is bringing vaccines to you.

“They have no excuse to not to find out where it is. Now is the chance to come and get a vaccine,” Edward Butler, the President of the Danville NAACP, said.

He said everyone has been hit hard by COVID, but especially minority communities. That’s why he and his team have been boots on the ground helping educate and promote getting vaccinated.

“The more and more people who get the vaccine the more we can combat this virus. So, we all can get back to normalcy,” he said.

Dozens of people were at the event. Including a state senator, state representative, and the Danville Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. He said getting the vaccine is life or death.

“If it’s the vaccine, or recieveing COVID and being in the hospital on a ventilator. To me, that’s an easy choice. Taking the vaccine is much better than the alternative.”

Williams said getting the vaccine won’t fully prevent you from getting the virus, but it can help you stay out of the hospital and stay alive. He said getting the shot is something people in Danville should do for their neighbors.

“What I want to say to you, is that actions speak louder than words. A lot of us say we would die for the people we love. However, we’re not even willing to take a shot to make sure they stay safe,” he said.

Butler said they plan to keep helping and doing events like this. He said the goal is to get more people vaccinated and get life back to normal.

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