DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Jacob Lane was taken off the ballot for Danville mayor after he was challenged. 

Mayor Ricky Williams Jr. claimed he did not have enough verified signatures.

“Mr. Williams was completely in his right to file an objection to my petitions,” said Lane.

But Lane claims the objection was not handled properly by the election commission.

“There were several statutes that were violated by the election commission in the process of this entire complaint,” said Lane.

Lane claims the first violation was the Open Meetings Act Rights. He says the commission met on Dec. 14 and he was not alerted.

“You can clearly see through my screenshots that I have the agenda was not 48 hours prior to that I had no knowledge they were meeting on the 14th,” said Lane.

Lane says he was only told about a hearing on Dec. 21 where he could present his case on why he should stay on the ballot.

“But to me that doesn’t make any sense because you’ve already convicted someone, it’s like going to court finding someone guilty and then allowing them after that fact to make their case,” said Lane.

Lane says his second complaint is about William’s objection. He claims it was not time-stamped. 

“It’s got a date on it but it does not have a time stamp on it so we have no idea when that document was actually received and if it was received by the deadline that it was supposed to be received,” said Lane.

Lane also says when Williams filed complaints about specific signatures, he spelled voter names wrong, but the commission still took them off of Lane’s petition.

“Mr. Williams listed the wrong name it’s not their job to help Mr. Williams out by removing them, when he filed the objection it was his job to get the names right,” said Lane.

Lane says even if part of the objection was correct, meaning a signature was invalid. In his mind, the whole objection should be thrown out because of his claims against the election commission. 

We reached out to the election commissioner. She says Lane has every right to take the decision to court. 

We also reached out to Mayor Williams. He says he has no comment. 

Lane says he is waiting for a hearing date.