DANVILLE, Ill., (WCIA) — Another layer to Danville’s mayoral race. Jacob Lane was in court on Thursday, fighting to have his name on April’s ballot.

In December, Rickey Williams, Danville’s current mayor, filed a challenge against Lane. He claimed some of his petition signatures were invalid.

In court, Lane and his lawyer focused on why they want a Dec. 14 Danville Election Commission (DEC) meeting voided. They said Lane wasn’t notified of it, and that it violated the Open Meetings Act.

DEC wanted to focus on a Dec. 21 meeting. Lane attended that one.

The Commission said the main issue was not having enough signatures.

Lane and his lawyer were asking for a temporary restraining order.

“We were hoping that they wouldn’t print the ballots and that things would be status quo,” Lane said. “That they would go back to the way things were before the December 14th meeting. Obviously, that didn’t happen.”

Lane was frustrated with how the process was handled.

“The law was broken for the meeting on the 14th. What they’re saying about the 21st, that’s after the fact that the law was broken,” Lane added. “If you’re expecting a candidate to live within the law, then the Election Commission, the very body that’s tasked with enforcing the law, needs to learn to follow the law.”

John Beardsley representing the Commission had no comment. Neither did Rickey Williams.