DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — City leaders in Danville have added more radar speed monitors across the city to help remind drivers to slow down.

Back in April, the city added seven of these monitors in residential areas and near schools. Now, they’ve added six more along Route 1 and other high traffic areas.

“Number one, we’re concerned about pedestrian traffic. Especially, you know, pedestrian traffic involving children and minors,” Police Chief Chris Yates said. “Secondary is, we have higher incidences of traffic crashes there. And based off the information we have, a lot of it’s from either distracted driving or speeding.”

Yates said these signs help to remind all drivers to slow down.

“Where I got the idea — and we we all agreed on it — was, you know, there’s times where I’m driving my personal vehicle and out of town or another jurisdiction, and I see one of these signs is flashing at me,” he said. “And whether I’m speeding or going the speed limit or going under the speed limit, I have a natural tendency to tap my brakes when I see one of those signs.”

On top of being a good reminder, monitors also pull data of areas that see increased offenses of speeding. The department said these analytics help them become more efficient in better serving the community.

“We’re not only being more effective in reducing the incidence of traffic crashes, but we’re also being more efficient and doing so whenever we’re allocating our resources in order to perform enforcement activity,” Yates said.

In simple terms: just drive the speed limit.

“This is a way to just [send] a reminder to the community, hopefully. Slow it down or maybe you’re looking good — drive the speed limit,” Yates said.