DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Danville firefighters are reflecting on a rescue they say only happens in stories.

They say the only option was to think fast when they responded to an apartment fire on Sunday morning. Two children were already rescued from a second-floor window. The mother was hanging on getting ready to jump her way out.

“We grabbed the ladder; he took it around that side and started to throw the ladder when she jumped out the window. She jumped out the window at that point,” said Lieutenant Jason Hotsinpiller.

“It really just kind of went back to training. Everything. Ironically enough, we just worked on this training about two weeks ago doing the exact same thing,” said Firefighter Matt Goodner, “So we were pretty fortunate. It was pretty fresh.”

After saving that woman they say they had to rush to the other side of the building to save someone else. No one was hurt and the red cross is helping the fire survivor. They still don’t know the cause.