DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — The firefighter’s union and mayor disagree on how to solve an overtime problem.
The department spent 60 thousand dollars on it last month. The mayor wants to have one less firefighter on each 24-hour shift, but the union said it needs 12 people at all times to provide enough protection.
The department is short nine people. Union leaders say they have two who could be moved from their probationary period to the 24-hour shift.

Danville Firefighters Union Vice President Lester Potts said, “If they were moved off of a 40-hour week onto shift and they would be counted as manning we would be saving roughly 20 thousand dollars a month.”

Danville Mayor Ricky Williams responded, “If you look at comparable in the state other cities that are around our population near us there are four that are close in that 20 thousand range of those two of those cities have minimum manning of 11.”

The mayor said he doesn’t want to bring the two firefighters out of their probation period early. The union said they’re ready.