DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) – A Danville church wanted to help their community, so they handed out boxes of free food. It’s something they plan to do at the end of every month.

21st Century Christian Worship Center co-pastor Shanae Dowell said many people in the area need food, and she wanted to meet that need. The church had over 70 boxes full of food to give away Sunday, and Dowell said if it goes well, they could have a hundred by next month.

“People that are on food stamps, or SNAP, or Link cards, they run out toward the end of the month. They don’t get the full amount replenished until the first of the month. This will help take care of the children, the parents – like a gentleman said when he pulled up – they’re hungry. People are hungry,” Dowell said.

She said it’s been a goal of hers to be able to help this many people. She said if every church in Danville got involved, they could make an even bigger impact.