Cyber Security Awareness Month


ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Governor Pritzker proclaimed October as Cyber Security Awareness Month. He wants residents to stay safe and secure online.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month was first recognized in 2004 as an effort to help Americans understand the importance of cyber security.

During October, IEMA and the Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology will join county and municipal emergency management agencies to highlight risks and provide tips to prevent problems for people.

The most important tips include the following:

  • Configure your computer securely: Use privacy and security settings in your software, email system and web browsers. Regularly update your anti-virus software to identify and thwart new strains of malicious software.
  • Keep software and operating systems updated: Install all software updates as soon as they are offered; using the “auto update” setting is the best way to ensure timely updates.
  • Use strong passwords: Cybercriminals use automated programs that will try every word in the dictionary in a few minutes. When creating a password, use at least 10 characters, with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Be cautious about links and attachments: Even communications you receive which appear to be from friends and family may contain links to malicious sites, so be careful when clicking on links in those messages. When in doubt, delete it.

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