CWLP issues statement after energy bill stalls in Springfield


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — Springfield’s municipally-owned utility is responding after an energy bill was stopped in its tracks in the state legislature.

City Water, Light, and Power says it’s worked hard on educating state leaders and sounding the alarm on how the proposed bill would negatively impact people living in Springfield.

CWLP says it has tried to explain how it has been on a “path to a cleaner future” for decades. Additionally, it says it’s sincerely and deeply concerned for the reliability of its electric grid.

“We also have consistently explained that disproportionate fees and arbitrary closure dates, which do not allow for our bonds to be repaid, would harm our customers and employees,” says CWLP in a press release.

“It was humbling to see the support we received from all six of our local Representatives and Senators. We feel fortunate for Representative Tim Butler’s vocal advocacy on the Environment and Energy committees and Senator Steve McClure on the Senate Energy Committee. We also appreciate Representatives Mike Murphy and Sue Scherer for sharing their knowledge of Springfield’s utility with their colleagues and the administration and for new Senator Sally Turner for coming up to speed so quickly on such a complicated issue. Finally, it has been invaluable to have Senator Doris Turner at the table to bring her experience as a ratemaker and policy maker for a municipal utility and all the balancing that is required to keep rates low while also protecting jobs and the environment.”

CWLP says it’s pleased that lawmakers adjourned without taking on measures that would interfere with the progress it has already been making for a cleaner energy supply for Springfield.

“If new legislation is returned that still involves municipal utilities, we will work in the same manner to ensure we represent our ratepayers and speak to any concerns for reliability and cost impacts,” the release says.

“In the meantime, CWLP will get back to work planning for replacing our retiring units with cleaner sources without State subsidies or mandates.”

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