URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Thursday, April 28th is opening night for a new play at the Station Theatre.

It is called “Borderline,” and it is a story about the struggles and experience of immigration.

Cast members gave a sneak peak to a group of Urbana High School students.

Elena and Elian Carrillo are siblings off and on the stage. They are playing Enzo and Rosita, unaccompanied minors living on the Texas-Mexico border.

The Carrillos and their fellow castmates performed a scene for a group of real-life unaccompanied minors from various Latin American countries. They live here now with pre-arranged sponsors and go to Urbana High School.

“Most of those kids live here without adults. Their parents are in their home country,” explains USD Latino Family Liaison Lucia Maldonado.

She says the school district steps in when needed. They offer support for things like clothing, school supplies, health care, and more when sponsors fall short.

“I thought it was a great opportunity for the students to see people that look like them…bringing these very important issues to the art scenario,” says Maldonado.

“Borderline” is the Station Theatre’s first full, post-pandemic production. The cast says it gives a voice to a group of people who are often silenced.

“It’s telling them how they have survived for so many years while being [traumatized and]…scared out of there minds by border patrol trying to send them back to a country they were desperately trying to escape from,” says Elian.

The director and cast say it is easy for them to connect to “Borderline” on a personal level.

“Two weeks before my 8th birthday, I had leave,” recalls “Borderline” director Jackie Obando. “I had to go back to the country of Costa Rica, which is where my family is from even though I’m first-generation here.”

The high schoolers were able to relate, too. The play is in English, but cast members read lines in Spanish for the students.

Maldonado says many of these students have experienced the themes in this play first-hand.

“[That includes ] issues at the border, the fear of immigration, families crossing the dessert to get here, [and] the injustice that a lot of families are living day-by-day,” explains Maldonado.

Borderline opens April 28th at 7:30PM and will run through May 8th. Click here for showtimes and ticket prices.