CHAMPAIGN, Il. (WCIA) — Aasiyah Adnan is a Muslim, an American, a Pakistani, and now, the founder of a startup company called Faaslahpal. She made the choice to start wearing the hijab in April.

“I found that I would end up forgetting it pretty often, but then I realized I would always have a scrunchie on my arm,” explains Adnan.

And that is how the scrunchie hijab was born. It is designed to easily convert from one to the other for women who do not wear a hijab regularly.

Adnan and her team members are in the midst of creating Faaslahpal through the U of I’s iVenture accelerator, an entrepreneur program for the top student startups.

Right now, they are in the prototype phase. The team has designs out to potential customers for feedback.

The product is all about convenience, but Adnan says it is also working against the misconception that hijabs are something forced on Muslim women. In actuality, it comes down to personal choice and identity.

“You are a representation of Islam when you put on a hijab, and that can be a lot of pressure sometimes,” shares Adnan.

She says there are different deciding factors when it comes wearing one. Some women may feel they’re not in the right place physically or spiritually, or are focusing on another aspect of their faith. Others may simply not feel comfortable.

Faaslahpal team member Khushalli Joshi is not Muslim, but says she has learned a lot in the process.

“I never knew how many different prayer items that are needed for Muslim people whenever they go to their local mosque or when they have their daily prayer,” says Joshi. “So, having the convenience that our product provides is something that now I see the importance of.”

The scrunchie hijab would ultimately make it easier to integrate hijab into everyday life. And whatever your choice or reason may be, Adnan says inclusivity is the driving force behind Faaslahpal.

“Even if you don’t wear hijab regularly, it doesn’t mean your a bad Muslim. And on the flip, wearing hijab regularly doesn’t mean you’re a good Muslim,” says Adnan.