Cultivation centers prepare for Marijuana Legalization


BARRY, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — The marijuana cultivation warehouse in Barry is the same size as when it opened in 2015, but its inventory increased drastically after Ascend Illinois bought it in January.

“Our entire production line is seeds so we are planting thousands of the state the same strain not all of them are stable so we have to keep in close eye on him,” Frank Mancinelli, Director of Cultivation for the facility said.

Every room in the 75000 square foot facility is under lock and key they make you wear hair nets lab Coats and shoe covers all to protect the precious plants inside the room.

Employees have to be hosed down when they leave a certain room, and nobody to train employees are allowed to touch the plants

“The whole compliance piece is absolutely critical right now, because this a new business in a new industry right now,” David Jerome, Vice president of Operations said.

Cultivation centers are making massive investments to meet the coming demand But even they aren’t sure what to expect come the New Year.

“That’s the hundred thousand dollar question right now. It is almost impossible for us to predict. But what we are  doing is we are gearing up for a high density grow to support both the medical and recreational demand,” Jerome said.

The entire process from growing to packaging happens under this roof they even have a kitchen to make edibles, and the time for experimenting never ends.

“There are a lot of derivatives that can be done. Just like in every food product there’s constant new  technology, new  ideas, new recipes,” Mancinelli said.

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