URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Crisis Nursery in Urbana is reducing its overnight care services in February, the childcare facility announced on Monday.

In a press release, Executive Director Stephanie Record said the change is necessary due to a staffing shortage. However, the crisis line will remain available 24/7 and she said families who need help should continue to call for assistance.

“The safety of children in our care and the well-being of our staff is top priority. The Nursery is working quickly to recruit, hire, onboard, and train third shift staff with a goal to be at full capacity by March 1,” Record added. “We are grateful to current staff and volunteers who continue to go above and beyond to provide care, however, this is not a sustainable solution.”

Record said that the organization is proactively communicating with families while mitigating turn aways to ensure families have the resources they need to keep their children safe. They are also taking the following measures to stay ahead of the problems they are facing:

  • Offering alternative times and respites during hours when fully staffed
  • Proactively providing stress breaks and support before the emergency escalates
  • Encouraging families to use the crisis line as a strategy for relief and support

Record said that anyone who has a passion for serving children and families is encouraged to apply for an open position. Employment opportunities can be found on Crisis Nursery’s website.