URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – Urbana’s Crisis Nursery held a children’s holiday shop on Saturday to give kids the chance to be Santa Claus for their families and friends.

Toys stretched across many tables at the New Orpheum Theatre. This was the first year the event was held at this site, but the event has been going on for decades.

“I’m shopping for presents for my family,” Jocelyn Dix of Mahomet said.

Jocelyn and dozens of other kids got to go shopping for Christmas presents.

It’s the first time in two years that the holiday shop is back and bringing joy to so many families.

“I’m making other people happy so that makes me feel happy,” Dix said.

She had a pretty big list, but she was able to get a hat, wallet, and koozie, just to name a few.

The goal isn’t just about the shopping.

“They’ll set a budget and the kids get to go in and shop their lists for everybody that’s on it. Then the kids check out and wrap up their gifts, ahead of Christmas,” Jenna Phillips said.

Jenna Phillips, one of the organizers, says events like these teach how to spend responsibly.

“It’s a lesson on budgeting,” said Phillips, “figuring out how much money to have left as they’re shopping, they’ll write down each item so they know where they’re at and how much more they can buy or if they want to donate the rest of it, we do that too.”

Phillips says bringing families together makes the event so special and to top it off, meeting Santa Claus.

“Siblings get to shop together. they get to shop for each other and then their parents get a moment of quiet in their little parent waiting room, so that whenever they all come back together and they get to walk out with their gifts, it’s just that extra special feeling of the kids got to accomplish something by themselves, they got to budget, they got to go through the list and buy something for everyone,” Phillips said.

This is one of Crisis Nursery’s largest fundraisers and 50% of the proceeds go directly back to the organization.