CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) – Champaign County crime stoppers is working to end gun violence. They started a program to get illegal guns off the street, and they say it’s working.

They’ve been able to get dozens of guns out of the wrong hands. It’s called the illegal gun bounty reward program. It’s an incentive for people to give tips on gun-related crimes.

They started the program in January 2019, because they identified a problem growing in the community and knew something had to be done to help.

They teamed up with local law enforcement to start the program.

Anyone who gives them an anonymous tip that leads to an arrest of someone who used a gun during a felony crime in Champaing County will get a $1,000 cash reward.

“This is a tremendous tragedy for our community. Escalation gun related activity, the deaths that have occurred. This is happening in our own backyard. So, it’s an item of tremendous concerns,” John Hecker, President of Champaign County crime stoppers says.

He says since the program started, $30,000 in rewards have been approved for people who gave tips and 35 guns have been recovered. Including, 27 handguns, 5 rifles and 3 shotguns. 32 people have been arrested.

You can learn more or submit tips at their website, here.