CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – There’s an easier way to report crimes in Champaign County.

Following nearly every crime, authorities encourage witnesses to come forward with information, but a lot of people are concerned about retaliation, and some of them aren’t sure how to report anonymous tips.

WCIA created a solution for that with a new flow code. It’s easy to use. You simply open the camera app on your phone and point it directly at this code. It should then prompt you to fill out information to submit a tip.

It’s important to remind people that your information is completely anonymous, and we plan to show this code at the end of future stories to help viewers address violence in their neighborhoods.

If it doesn’t work at first, don’t worry.

You might need to be a little closer to the screen and make sure the four corners of the code are centered on your camera’s screen.

A majority of viewers are within reach of their cellphone or other mobile devices as they watch the news, so WCIA creators decided to give people an easier option to report crime.

To ensure all tips to Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, all rewards are paid in cash so there’s no link back to tipsters.