CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Champaign County Clerk Aaron Ammons wants to help people without a home register to vote. So, he went to C-U At Home Friday.

He said now that the pandemic is slowing down, he’s able to go out into the community and help people face-to-face. He said registering to vote is important because everyone’s voices matter, and he wants people without a home to know they’re important too.

“The homeless community, people with felony convictions, they’re marginalized people within our community who think they don’t have the right to vote, or in particular for our homeless population, a lot of people think that they don’t have an actual address… that they can’t vote. But that’s not true for our homeless population,” Ammons said.

He said they can use shelter addresses, like C-U At Home, to register. And once they have an established address – they can change it. He plans to help again at more locations, like Cunningham Township.