ARCOLA, Ill. — An Arcola man says presidential candidate Donald Trump is related to every single U.S. President, and claims he can prove it.

Most of the connections aren’t very close: for example, he says Trump and President Obama are 26th cousins, four times removed. That’s pretty far apart, but the genealogist who figured that out says that isn’t the point.

“You, me. You had grandparents. They had grandparents. Out, out, out. There’s thousands of points out there that brings it down to each one of us.”

Any of us could be related to Ken Reveal, but if you had close ties with him, he’d probably make sure you knew about it.

“It’s a hobby. I’ve done it for over 35 years. I’ve traveled all across the east coast, we’ve traveled out to Utah, to different libraries, they have records.”

“With President Obama in his final year. Yay!”

So when Reveal told us this guy was somehow related to all 43 U.S. Presidents – we had to take a look at it.

“There’s a connection, but it may be really remote. Other times, it’s not.”

One of the most distant connections reveal found..was with Franklin Roosevelt. According to Reveal’s research, F.D.R. is Trump’s fourth cousin once removed of the husband of the half first cousin seven times removed of the wife of his second great grand nephew of the husband of his half first cousin once removed. Their relatives probably don’t have run-ins at family reunions. But others are closer. Reveal says Trump and Abraham Lincoln are 26th cousins– not at all removed.

We asked reveal why he decided to figure all of that out.

“You know, Trump is the birther movement..I want to demonstrate that these people are tied together. My whole objective was to demonstrate that he’s picking on his cousin. I can just hear him now. Like, my cousin Lincoln..”

Reveal says this project took him about six months to complete– and if you give him enough time and information, he says he could probably figure out whether you’re connected to him, too.

Whether or not Trump’s connections to the presidents are strong, others in the White House had closer ties. Two former presidents were grandfather and grandson, and four were father-and-son pairs, the most recent being George H.W. and George W. Bush.