Coroner’s jury returns verdicts on three deaths


MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — The Macon County Coroner’s jury returned verdicts on several deaths Wednesday; ruling two as homicides and one as accidental.

The jury ruled the death of Shemilah Sanders as a homicide. Day said Sanders was shot in the neck on June 6. She had been running away from a confrontation within a large crowd near the underpass on East Garfield Avenue in Decatur. Day stated a man had shot at the group.

Sanders was taken to the hospital for treatment. She died a few days later in the ICU.

Paul Folks was arrested in connection to Sanders’ death. He pleaded not guilty to murder charges. He is expected back in court on August 31 for a pre-trial hearing.

Another death ruled as a homicide was the death of Terry Theus. Day said Theus was killed after being stabbed in the chest during an altercation with a woman on July 19. He died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Dessica Jackson was arrested on July 28 in connection to Theus’ death. She posted bond the same day. She is expected back in court in September.

Lastly, the jury ruled the death of 16-year-old Savannah Mosley as an accident. Day said Mosley was killed in a crash in July. She was a passenger in a car that crashed on Lincoln Memorial Parkway south of Elwin Road in July. The driver crashed the car into a wall, and three people were inside.

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