CENTRAL ILLINOIS, (WCIA) — The heat wave coming this week could affect your power at home this summer.

Earlier this year, the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) said the power grid may not be able to handle the demands of this hot summer in areas that rely heavily on renewable resources for power.

So controlled outages may be planned.

Long-lasting high temperatures can also cause more strain on a power grid. It can expand the metal inside of power lines and cause damage to or deteriorate transformers.

Ameren said it adjusted to MISO’s predictions to help prevent any outages from happening to people who need the power when it counts. Energy demand reaches its peak when warm weather hits.

MISO recognized concerns for the power grid this summer in April, and Ameren said they made adjustments to help the problem.

“Ameren Illinois is confident that our delivery system is stable and reliable and that the power will be there when it is needed this summer,” an Ameren spokesperson said. “Based on the MISO projections of generation capacity shortfall, Ameren Illinois has developed load reduction plans that avoid interruptions to residential customers, health care facilities, and other critical customers.”